Individual Student Episodes

Looking to explore self-help practices?
Check out these episodes!

Veganism · Scout Stohrer

Podcaster Scout Stohrer discusses veganism in this episode of “Scouting Self-Help

The KonMari Method · Emma van Bergen

Podcaster Emma van Bergen assesses the KonMari Method in this episode of “Practical Happiness

Listening · Anil Prasad

Podcaster Anil Prasad unravels the mysteries of listening in this episode of “Podcasts with Anil”

Stand-Up Comedy · Samantha Su

Podcaster Samantha Su explores stand-up comedy in this episode of “The Best Medicine”

Sleep · Jackie Jaffe

Podcaster Jackie Jaffe advises college students on sleep in this episode of “Growing and Glowing ’til Graduation”

Meditation · Jake Cannon

Podcaster Jake Cannon examines the practice of meditation in this episode of “The Get To It Podcast”

Social Media · Sullivan Brem

Podcaster Sullivan Brem explains how and why to try a social media cleanse in this episode of “The Me, Myself, and I Podcast.”

Tarot · Sophia C.

Podcaster Sophia C. discusses the art of tarot in this episode of “Fine Point.”

Primal Therapy · Tomas Esber

Podcaster “Tommy Douglas” interviews guests about an unusual form of self-help in this episode of “Tommy’s Tea Time”

Mindfulness · Nikki Daniels

Podcaster Nikki Daniels explores mindfulness as self-help practice in this episode of “No More Niceties.”

Thrifting · Alex Smith

Podcaster Alex Smith explains how thrifting is self-help in this episode of “Hot Girls with Hot Habits.”